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Industrial  & Commercial Refrigeration Services

Supply and installation of HVAC & AC equipment for all types of residential and commercial locations
Routine servicing and parts supply of all HVAC & AC equipment – Samsung, Carrier, LG, Daikin etc
Routine maintenance of Industrial Plants
Industrial plant equipment and spare parts installation
Servicing of Industrial Ammonia refrigeration plants and equipment
Servicing and parts supply for screw and reciprocating compressor - Mycom, Sullair, Howden, Gasso, Bitzer, Copeland
Servicing and parts supply of Industrial refrigeration valves - Danfoss, Hanson, RS, Herl
Servicing and supply of Ammonia refrigeration pumps - Witt and Hermetic pumps
Supply and refurbishing of Evaporative condensers
Evaporative Condenser water treatment equipment supply
Industrial and Commercial Refrigeration plant safety equipment & signage supply– Gas sensors, Sirens, PPE, Oil spill kits
Pipe installation and fabrication of mild steel to stainless steel and schedule pipe requiring welding standards to code
Supply of electrical control panels & components
Supply and installation of hot and cold insulation and cladding for pipe runs, vessels and associated equipment

HVAC Installations


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